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Tournament Sections
Tournament of Champions
Junior Varsity TOC - Sat. 9/30 (10/16 teams)
Freshman TOC - Sat. 9/30 (13/16 teams)

Pre-Season JV - Sat. 9/2 (11/16 teams)
Pre-Season Varsity - Sat. 9/2 (10/16 teams)
Freshman - Sat. 9/9 (22/24 teams)
Small School JV - Sat. 9/9 (22/24 teams)
Small School Var - Sat. 9/16 (28/48 teams)
Large School JV - Sat. 9/23 (13/20 teams)
Large School Var - Sat. 9/23 (18/24 teams)

Each court will be viewable via the sporfie app.   Go to

Capital Sports Center
5209-A Luce Ave,
McClellan Park, CA 95652
All teams interested in tailgating need to contact NCVA (CSC) to reserve their spot. Tailgating spaces are limited. Parking is free in the big lot across the street, however tailgating is not allowed in that lot. 

You can reach CSC for room rentals at 916-813-4600.

Tournament Information

  • Play starts at 8:00 AM.

  • Check in starts at 7:30 AM.

  • Coaches will receive a coach's packet when they check in with all pool and play-off information.

  • Gym opens at 7:00 AM, Please shoot to arrive at 7:30 AM.

  • Each team is guaranteed 4 matches or 8 full games.

  • Pools may change due to no shows or late teams and will be posted at the tournament desk.

  • Entrance fee for fans is $5.

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